Hold My Hand

When my kids were little they had to hold my hand while we walked down the street or crossed the street and anywhere else I thought it was too dangerous for them to walk on their own.  As they grew however, they would pull away and protest trying to convince me that they could do it on their own. Eventually they learned how to be careful and I let go and let them be independent.  

Later, when they were teenagers, every once in a while when we were walking somewhere, I would take their hand and hold on as long as they would let me.  Even now that my son is grown with a son of his own, if I get the chance, I’ll slip my hand in his and relish the time together.

I think God may protect and guide us the same way.  Psalm 16:11 in The Message says it this way, “Ever since You took my hand I’m on the right way”.  When we take His hand we can’t go wrong. He is there to help us and keep us from stumbling. Psalm 63:8 promises that God’s right hand upholds us.  Even when we pull away and try to be independent, like our children, Psalm 139:9-10 reminds us that His supervision is inescapable. Praise His name! Thank God for that!

When  we guide our children, we know the imminent dangers around us and take their hand to protect them and teach them to be cautious.  For ourselves, we can’t see the bigger picture, the one that God sees. We need to reach out, take His hand, and allow Him to guide us through the dangerous times we can see so when the tough times come that we don’t see coming, we are already holding His hand and He can easily guide us to safety.  

In this world, I believe we are never grown up enough to be independent from God.  We will never see the big picture or be wise enough to navigate this life without the constant care and guidance from God.  I still get a bit too sure of myself and start acting like ‘ I’ve got this’, but those times are happening less and less the older I grow.    I like to think He enjoys holding my hand as we walk this life road together.


Are you pulling away for independence or holding tight depending on God’s guidance?  

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