We’ve come to the end of another school year.  This one seems to have gone by much faster than some in the past.  I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that we had such a great 8th grade class, it was a pleasure teaching them.  But even when the group of students is well-behaved, for the most part, there is much more that goes into having a successful year at work.  

I am blessed to work with a wonderful group of teachers. They are kind and helpful, and they love the Lord.   Many times during the year when I would get frustrated with a deadline, or a student, or my own self doubt in teaching, one of them would just happen to walk in my room at just the right time and offer just the right words to turn it around for me and cheer me on.  And they tell me I was able to do that for them as well.

There are all types of cheerleaders in middle school!  In Hebrews 10 verse 24, the Word says we are to ‘consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds’.  It seems to me that we cheer each other on to continue the ‘good deed’ of teaching our students. Some days that requires a good deal of cheering.  

We may not notice each time one of us is struggling,  but I do I believe that God does work through each of us to provide the encouragement the other needs, at the right moment.  He knows what we need before we even ask (Romans 8:26) and He provides the answers sometimes in ways we don’t expect. To me, that is one of the kindest things God does for us, is provide His love through those around us when we need it most.

I’m looking forward to our summer break but I’m also looking forward to the next school year, working with some of God’s best cheerleaders,who also happen to be school teachers.

Who are the ones who cheer you on?  Look around, is there someone you need to cheer on?




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