Unexpected Gifts

For my birthday this year, we went camping at South Llano River State Park which is one of the best birding parks in Texas and one that I’ve wanted to visit for quite a while.  It turned out to be even more of a get-away than we’d planned,  for there was no cell service nor  internet connection.  We usually try to unplug during our camping trips but this time we had no choice, and it was actually quite nice.  My husband, Patrick and I talked more than usual and we weren’t concerned with anything at home.

As I was walking to the bird blind to watch and  wait for birds to come in for water and seed, I whispered a little prayer that God would send some birds I hadn’t seen before.  I remembered a Beth Moore Bible study I’d taken years ago where she had prayed that God would thrill her during her morning walk and prayer time.  He let her see a bear!  I prayed that God would thrill me this morning but I really didn’t want to see a bear….. just a bird or two.  (Now, if you are not a birder, bear with me. I’ve just grown to think it’s one of the best things ever!)

Within the first fifteen minutes of watching, in flew a Bell’s Vireo and several more followed him.   I’d never seen one before and I was also able to get a couple of pretty good shots of him as well.  Thrill!

Later in the day, I walked over to another bird blind, set up my camera and waited.  This time I was blessed to meet and visit with two sisters from Arizona and California who had come to Texas to bird.  While we watched and photographed the birds I noticed that they too were thanking God for the birds we were seeing just as I was.  That started a whole different conversation about the Lord and His blessings.   Thrill!

While at that blind, with my new friends, we were granted yet another thrill by seeing the Black-Capped Vireo.  This one is on the Endangered Species List and one I was really hoping to see.  Plus, as an added bonus, I was able to get four really good shots of him.  I was giddy.

I know…. I know, they’re just birds and people I will never see again.  But, ‘Every good and perfect gift is from above…’, Scripture says in James 1:17.  Saturday was my birthday and God gave me fabulous gifts all day long.

At this point in my life, I really don’t need anything.  My hubby continues to spoil me with lovely gifts that are wonderful.  God also spoils me with his good and perfect gifts of bird sightings and new friends.

Next time you are out walking and praying or maybe driving and praying, ask God to thrill you!  You just never know what He’ll send your way as the perfect thrill.







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