Rediscover the Beauty



About a month ago we started a little Bible study group made up of some of my students from school.  We’ve met a few times now, working to discover what God has to say about the issues they face at school as 8th graders.  It’s been quite an eye-opener for me as they share their personal lives with me and to see life through their eyes.

And as it goes most times, this teacher is learning from her students more than she is teaching them.

The group is made up of kids who know Christ and have walked with Him a couple of years, some who know of Him and want to learn more, and those who haven’t been introduced to Christ at all.  It has been such a joy to listen to them share the verses they go to for reassurance, showing their friends where to find a verse in the Bible, and digging through concordances to find verses on a subject.

One of the biggest blessings thus far began at the second meeting. One of my young ladies, Sara, couldn’t wait for us to get started.  As soon as we all gathered in the living room, she held up a Bible, and while grinning from ear to ear said, “Look! My mom took me shopping and she bought me my own Bible!”  Then, before any of us could say a word, she added, “And look!” She was holding up a package of the special highlighters for Bibles. The other kids were so happy for her, for they could tell she was very proud to be the owner of these special gifts.  

A couple of days later in class, I asked my students to get out their library books for some reading time.  Sara quickly came up  to tell me that she didn’t have it with her and  asked if it was okay if she read her Bible.  Well, that didn’t take but a millisecond to give her a big, ‘yes’.

Everyone was getting into their novels when Sara looked back to get my attention.  While pointing to the pages in her Bible, she whispered, yet with great excitement, “Now I know why there are seven days in a week!”  All I could do was smile, nod a big ‘yes’, and quickly pray, “Lord, please don’t let me burst into tears right here and now.”  

She continued reading as did the rest of the class and I worked on at my desk.  In  a little while, Sara came over, highlighted Bible in hand, “Mrs. McLead, look at this,” she said. “Look how it repeats this phrase, ‘and the evening and the morning was the first day, and the evening and the morning, and the evening and the morning’.   Isn’t it pretty the way that’s written? I love it!” Each repeated phrase had been carefully highlighted.  Each phrase cherished for its beauty.   Again, I whispered my prayer to not let me break out the tears just yet.

She had no idea the impact that had on me.  Those incredible moments Sara shared with me are some that I will never forget and oh, how they made me ponder.

When was the last time I read Genesis?  Have I ever read it like she was reading it, with eyes and heart wide open to the beauty and wonder in God’s Word?  Oh, that I would never take His Word for granted.  I pray that from now on, when I read Your Word, Lord,  that I would take the time to truly see more than just the words on the page but view them in sheer beauty as seen through Sara’s eyes.  


Friends, I challenge you to open your eyes and heart as you read God’s Word today and everyday.  Pass it on.


3 thoughts on “Rediscover the Beauty

  1. Loved this one! I went to a home bible study in middle school. The study was about 4 weeks long. I first started going for the cookies, but then the lady began teaching us “The Lord is my shepherd….” I will always remember her because those were the first verses that I had ever learned by heart.


  2. Amen! My favorite so far. Was thinking: we should also at this time of the school when we are dragging, to see our students with the fresh eyes we should apply to his word. Everyday is a new opportunity to see things fresh. Thank you for this today; perfect timing:-)


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