Let Them See Jesus

Have you ever been put off by a fellow Christian’s behavior?  Maybe someone who teases past your comfort point or one who is just a bit too sarcastic that it makes you feel uneasy? When that happens, sometimes we might not stay around them long enough to see the heart of the person, to see Jesus in them.  

Recently I met someone whose teasing sense of humor was relentless, and I noticed that I steered clear of him every time we were in the same room. Not until he spoke to the whole group and shared his love and compassion for people through Scripture did his true heart shine through. Then, no matter how much teasing followed, the truth in his heart could not be overshadowed. He didn’t change, but my attitude toward him certainly did.

It was like those hidden picture pages in the children’s magazines. You know, the ones that have you looking for hours for a silly toothbrush in a drawing of a library, and you cannot find it until you do. Then, you can’t not see it. Once I saw Jesus in this gentleman, I couldn’t not see it, no matter how silly his jokes or how endless his teasing, Jesus shined through.

I hope people can see Jesus in me. I wouldn’t want the way I act or the things I say to get in the way. I’m afraid there have been times that my sarcasm has come through much louder than my Jesus. Hopefully, as I’ve gotten older and maybe a bit wiser, that happens far less often. A quick review of James, Chapter 3 is always a good idea! That tongue can certainly get out of control sometimes.

What do you think? Do people see Jesus in you clearly or do they have to get passed your humor, sarcasm, or something else to see Him?


2 thoughts on “Let Them See Jesus

  1. Oh gosh Patti, this hit home and hard. For I do deliver at times and if you don’t know me, it comes across so wrong. My son visited my classroom once and I asked him in front of the class, “What does it mean when I tease?” He responded to the class, “That she loves you, it’s when she doesn’t tease you need to be concerned.” Many students fear my class, but those I teach know that I love them all dearly. I do need to continue to work on that though!! Thank you for sharing, I need to visit James!!


    1. Hope that’s a good thing! I love teasing my students too. Ha! A healthy fear is ok, I think. Enjoy reading James and your summer. Thank you for taking the time to comment!


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